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Choose from one of our many styles or let us design a unique garment to suit your needs!

Catering to the anytime sports person. Whether it's touring, professional, club, school, social or just watching sport at the pub, subXsports offer the unique service of personalised team wear. With full garment name and number printing available on a range of Australian made garments with express delivery in 10-15 working days from art approval.  Imported garments available with express delivery of 7 weeks from approval. 

subXsports rugby jerseys are of the highest quality. Our light weight dry fit rugby fabric is woven to offer maximum comfort while mantaining strength and durability. 


Create Almost Anything!

The only limitation is your imagination and our design team is happy to work with your ideas in creating a unique garment to suit your needs. subXsports offers the full service to make your design come to life. You can view our style range and order existing styles with your logo, sponsor logos,  names and numbers included at no extra cost or email your design concept and we will create your design for you.

subXsports shorts are available in three styles

SHORT LEG - heavy weight fabric designed for Rugby League/Union

MID LENGTH - light weight fabric designed for Soccer, Touch & Hockey 

OVERSIZED - a baggy short designed for Basketball


Sublimation is the process of taking something from a solid to a gas without it passing through a liquid phase.


Very small balls of special heat sensitive inks are printed onto paper in the design of your garment. This along with white polyester material is then passed through a roll press at a temperature of 200 degrees. 


Once the balls of ink reach the required heat they explode. This explosion along with the pressure of the press allows the ink to break into the fibres of the fabric creating a perminant bond.


Because of this process subXsports can turn any design you can imagine into a garment.

What is Sublimation?

Off the shelf options are also available with Sublimated, Embroidered, Screen Printed or Computer Cut Logos, Names and Numbers!

*Off the shelf items are not always Australian made but are decorated in Australia

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